Café Michael and Michaela's Customer Club

Terms and Conditions:
• Joining the club is volentary and is done by filling out a “Welcome to the Club” form and signing it at Café Michael or at Michaela. As well, there is a onoe-time payment of 20 NIS. This payment will not be returned to the costumer in any event.
• The main benefits for club members as of 1/4/2019 are:
• 5% point accumilation of the total purchase at Michaela
• 10% point accumilation of the total purchase at Café Michael
• Special dates (birthday and anniversary). Benefits can be used during the whole calendar month of the date. Club member who did not fill out a date upon sigh-up will not receive the benefit.

Café Michael Benefits:
Conditional upon the purchase of a minimum of 50 NIS on the occasion
Anniversary – 30% off a small bottle of wine
Birthday – an appetizer on the house.

Michaela Benefits:
Conditional upon the purchase of a minimum of 20 NIS on the occasion of realization.
Anniversary – 50% off mousse cake
Birthday – a cookie parcel on the house. cookie package, bag…

• All benefits can be realized in accordance to the stock available at the business on the date of realization and the relevancy of specific items according to the company’s decision.
• There are no double benefits and discounts unless the company has decided otherwise specifically. Business meals at Café Michael (several breakfasts, business lunches etc.) and deals at Michaela do not accomulate points.
• Knife and Fork Ltd can turn to members by sending messages to their personal mailbox, via email, text message or any other medium at the company’s discretion, regarding services, advertising information and marketing information.
• The terms are subject to the company’s decision.
• The company reserves the right to change the terms at any time withot prior notification.
• Accumilitaion or realization of points can be done only upon purchase. There is no retroactive accumilation.
• E&OE.