Knife & Fork Catering

Knife and Fork Catering brings Café Michael and Michaela’s food to your home, and will create a special event for you, tailored to your needs and desires.

Private Events

Together we will build a unique menu, fitting your style, budget and type of event. A professional team will produce the event on your behalf and take care of all details, small and large, in order to put it all together and create the perfect experience.

A Menu speciffied for any Event

Knife and Fork have a wide variety of dairy menus for a wide range of events that can be personally adjusted as to create the right fit for you.


Knife and Fork

Events on a different level


Costumer Club

Join the customer club of Café Michael and Michaela with a one-time payment of only 20 NIS and enjoy many rewards:
A “welcome to the club” gift of your choosing, special benefits for birthdays and anniversaries, accumulation of points – 5% at Michaela and 10% at Café Michael.

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