A café and delicatesen in the heart of Old Katamon, serving light meals that fit any time of day. Also at Michaela operates a shop offering cakes, cookies, breads and other boutique products.

About Michaela

Café Michael’s little sister was born in 2017 and slowly she too, like her older brother, is becoming a cornerstone in the Old Katamon neighborhood. Michaela can not be summed up in a single word, and every customer can find their hearts delight.

Michaela operates also as a neighborhood café with a unique menu, a high-quality bakery with a wide variety od cakes, cookies and breads and finally as a deli-shop in which you can find spreads, pastas, food for hosting at home and other surprises.

Our Menu

At Michaela you can enjoy a large selection of dishes, among them sandwiches, salads, small dishes for a quick meal and main courses for a proper dinner. We also have an assortments of hot and fresh pancakes and freshly bakes pastries to be enjoyed next to a fine cup of coffee.


In Our Store

A selections of products including vegan, gluten-free, spelt, sugar-free and more. A wide range od cookies, chocolates, cakes and dessert fitting any occasion. We especially recommend you come visit us on Friday’s, during which you can enjoy fresh Babka cakes hot from the oven and a great variety of breads and challas.

Nine out of ten people love chocolate,
the tenth lies.

John Tullius


Costumer Club

Join the customer club of Café Michael and Michaela with a one-time payment of only 20 NIS and enjoy many rewards:
A “welcome to the club” gift of your choosing, special benefits for birthdays and anniversaries, accumulation of points – 5% at Michaela and 10% at Café Michael.

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